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Approximately 70% of your donation goes to fund Veterans and Their Families in need! 30% goes to fund operations.

Your donation is 100% Tax Deductible under 501 (c) 19.

 AVHV'S Pledge

   AVHV, INC. is a Illinois 501(c)19 Non-profit Corporation based in Bolingbrook, IL. AVHV is dedicated to helping US Military Veterans and their Families in the areas where our supporter are located, at present that is only the Northern Third of Illinois. Our hope is to expand our support through out the state of Illinois and to our Veterans and their Families in neighboring states.  


    Our pledge to the Great Americans who support our mission will remain the same; The support AVHV receives will remain dedicated to helping the local area veterans and their Families where the support is raised. For questions or concerns regarding any aspect of AVHV, or to inform our office of a Veteran, or Family of a Veteran who needs our aid, feel free to contact the the office of the Corporation President at the telephone number listed below or at his personal cell; (630) 251-5193, or by e-mail at; Without the support of Great Americans, AVHV could not carry on this most needed mission! I can assure our Supporter that the most Veterans don't want a hand-out, but they may need a hand up!

"As a US Marine Combat Veteran of the Vietnam War I can assure you;  "We Never Stop Serving".



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